Titans fans: Everything you can do while waiting for season 2

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Nightwing (2016) #15. Photo Credit: DC Comics.

Reread the comics

There are a lot of Titans, Teen Titans, and New Titans affiliated runs to explore and re-explore. While not every Titans-related comic series features the exact lineage of heroes on the DC Universe show, revisiting some of your favorite issues will help extend the cycle of activities to do while you wait for season 2.

See, once you start to remember why Teen Titans (2003) is one of your favorite DC Comics runs, you’re going catch a vague trace of a fan theory about why you think Cyborg will eventually crossover into Titans lore as the leader of the team. You’ll have to type it out that theory in detail, so you don’t forget. Then, you’re going to inevitably remind yourself of what a fierce mentor and advocate for freewill Starfire is, and you’ll just have to sketch Kory being a total bad*ss.

Or, you could just enjoy another Teen Titans reading session without continuing the cycle. We guess. If you’re new to the Teen Titans comics or you just want a refresher of the team’s titular comic series, we have some recommendations:

  • The New Teen Titans (1980)
  • The New Teen Titans (1984)
  • Tales of The Teen Titans (1984)
  • Teen Titans (2003)
  • The Titans (1999)
  • Beast Boy (2000)
  • Grayson (2014)
  • Starfire (2015)
  • Raven (2016)
  • Nightwing (2016)