Titans rumors: What you need to know from Jericho to The Judas Contract

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Titans season 2 doesn’t start filming until March, but there are rumors that Deathstroke and his family could be involved. Here’s a refresher for fans.

Titans is a show about family. In all iterations of the Teen Titans team, comics, series, and movies alike, it’s always been about family. It might feature a convoluted family tree, where some of the branches are possessed by demons, some are secretly a part of another more nefarious tree entirely, and others wither and die only to be resurrected again. Despite the estrangement and drama, the Titans team is always a family.

On its own, the DC Universe series has started to lay the framework for the Batfam, the extended Logan family, the royal Tamaranean family, and a demonic household. While Roth-Azarath drama will linger on the Titans series, there are reports that a new family could join season 2: the Wilsons.

According to That Hashtag Show writer Charles Murphy, Deathstroke (Slade Wilson), the Ravager (his daughter, Rose), and Jericho (his son, Joseph) will join Titans season 2. The production allegedly has released a casting call for Deathstroke, and they’re looking for a Latinx, Asian, or Caucasian man, That Hashtag Show adds.

Though Trigon is clearly still the dominant antagonist on Titans, the Wilson family would weave seamlessly into the overarching family theme of the season. Dysfunctional families are a recurring theme and plot device throughout the various Teen Titans comic book runs. Granted, we’d never really categorized any of Teen Titans teams as dysfunctional because the teams are hyper-supportive; however, we can’t say the same for the sporadically chaotic Wilson family.

When you’re an ex-military man who made the career change into the homicidal mercenary business, it can be difficult to make plans for family dinner, especially when your kids join the heroic teams that are always trying to take you down. Although the series might be creating a new version of Slade Wilson, complete with his apparent transition from his life in the military to his villainous lifestyle, season 2 could set the foundation for an evil and notorious Teen Titans tale: The Judas Contract.

Regardless, given the impending and current threats, you probably have a lot of questions on how the Wilsons and The Judas Contract could fit into the series after we left off on that cliffhanger, and we have you covered.

The Judas Contract

Aside from being a successful animated film, The Judas Contract is arguably integral to DC Comics, and that importance extends to any Titans-relevant DCU series. In addition to ensuring the longevity of the Teen Titans namesake team, Dick Grayson’s new identity, and a few lifelong archnemeses, The Judas Contract story arc starts when Deathstroke takes on a contract from the H.I.V.E.  that his son, Grant, was pursuing before he died.

“Judas” in the narrative’s title refers to Tara Markov (or her alias, Terra), as she betrays the Titans team members on the surface. We specify that she apparently betrays the team because, although she joined the Teen Titans, she was never loyal to the team — save for her futuristic role in the Teen Titans East team in Teen Titans (2003).

You might already be familiar with Tara from her various comic issues or her recent debut on Young Justice: Outsiders. Regardless, the contract is vital to the Titans team development as Tara is to The Judas Contract. Given Titans writer Geoff Johns mentioned that it would be silly for the series not to incorporate The Judas Contract, if the series does incorporate Deathstroke and The Judas Contract into the script, we can anticipate Terra’s cameo in the show too.  (When we do see Terra on the show, we just how the series doesn’t incorporate her gross romantic obsession with Slade.)