Young Justice: Outsiders midseason finale: Teasers and traitors

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Unfortunately, the Young Justice: Outsiders midseason finale is here, and we have to wait until June to see how the team will discover the traitors.

No matter how many times DCU Originals Sneak Peeks and Bringing Back Young Justice demystified the magic behind the animation and the revival of Young Justice, we’ll never fully understand how Young Justice: Outsiders packs an overwhelming amount of Easter eggs, character development, action, and plot twists in each episode.

The episodes are only about 20-minutes-long. Clearly, Zatanna must have cast a spell or two to help the creators with the behind the scenes magic. Thankfully, even with episodes 10-13 the Outsiders isn’t over yet, but the midseason finale has us rightfully reminiscing season 3 so far.

From the first two Young Justice seasons, we already know that loss is a downside to the superhero gig. While the outsiders have lost everything from their family to acceptance to their memory, we’ve also seen them gain family, acceptance, and new identities. It’s been a ride watching the heroes rebuild themselves and cope with their respective tragedies, and we’re glad to see our favorite meta-teens finally accept their roles as heroes.

It’s been a journey watching Brion (Geo-Force), Forager (Fred Bugg, with two G’s), and Violet (Halo) become apart of the Outsiders family. Now that we have to take a vacation from the cinematic journey, we have time to overanalyze the four episodes in the midseason finale (because we can’t just analyze it).