Aquaman: 10 characters perfect for the sequel

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During Aquaman, we got a glimpse of an octopus playing the drums during the first challenge for king of Atlantis. While this character is never introduced, and all we see is a brief moment in which this octopus goes to work, the character is known as Topo in the comics.

Topo is actually one of many sea creatures who have worked with Aquaman. Moreover, he’s known for more than just his musicality, as he has helped our hero out on multiple occasions.

Considering we have seen Topo on the big screen, we would love for the sequel to give him a bit more of the spotlight, including showing some of his other skills. As a character who has helped combat bad guys with Aquaman, it would be interesting to see how they could utilize an octopus as a sidekick.

Aquaman Black Manta character poster. Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

Black Jack

In the comics, Black Jack is a villainess who has worked alongside Black Manta. She even helped him escape custody after he was captured, and worked with him when he took over the organization known as N.E.M.O.

Knowing that we will see more of Black Manta in the future, thanks to the end credits scenes, it would actually make sense for some of his other partners to make an appearance in a sequel. And of all the people Black Manta has worked with, we think Black Jack could be one of the more interesting.