Aquaman: 10 characters perfect for the sequel

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Aqualad (Kaldur’ahm)

In the wide world of DC, there are two different characters who have donned the mantle of Aqualad. However, in this instance, we mean the son of Black Manta who chose not to follow in his father’s footsteps.

In fact, while he may be the son of one of Aquaman’s greatest enemies in the comics, he is actually a hero (or at the very least, someone who wants to do good things). He originally comes from the Young Justice animated series, and with that show now revived, it’s the perfect time to bring him back.

We would love to see how the Black Manta storyline unfolds, and if that includes a son who would rather work with our hero than his own father, we think that would make for a great plot point.


In the comics, Garth is the other character who has taken on the name Aqualad. However, he is also known as Tempest at times. When working with the Teen Titans, he uses the Aqualad name, and has been in a relationship with Tula.

Depending on the storyline of the comics, Garth has been seen saving Aquaman’s life. In other stories, he is an Atlantean orphan taken in by Aquaman who has worked in unison with the hero as an equal partner. In fact, Garth has often been seen as a crime fighting partner to the hero.

We like the idea of introducing characters that Aquaman has worked with in the comics. And while he is now a true solo superhero, that’s not to say he doesn’t work well with others. Getting to see Aquaman interact with characters direct from his comic origins would be a great way of paying tribute to the hero and his fans.