Aquaman: 10 characters perfect for the sequel

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In the comics, there have been a few different characters who have used the name Aquagirl. Of the characters who have used the moniker, the one we think might work the best in a sequel would have to be Tula.

Not only does Tula have an interesting history, having lost both of her parents not long after she was born and then being adopted by a royal family of Atlantis, but she also has worked alongside Aqualad (who is actually on our list as well) and made appearances in Adventures of the Teen Titans as well as in Young Justice.

Tula is the kind of character who is not only interesting because of their back story, but also in terms of the things she is willing to do. From leading rebellions to helping fight bad guys, she is a worthy companion who would help to enrich Atlantis.

Patrick Wilson as Orm/Ocean Master in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action adventure “Aquaman,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Deep Blue/Indigo/Debbie Perkins

Deep Blue is a fascinating character, with multiple names. She is actually said to be Aquaman’s half-sister, however, depending on which comic you read, there are some stories that have her being Orm’s half-sister.

No matter which of the Atlantean kings she is related to, Deep Blue is a hero who has been known to answer Aquaman’s call and has helped in uniting the seven kingdoms as needed. And considering she is a sibling, we think more family drama could be a lot of fun in a sequel (even if it is not Aquaman 2).

In the comics, Deep Blue is said to have control of different sea creatures when she actually touches them, but she cannot live out of the water, which is certainly a weakness. However, we think her gift would be a great asset to Aquaman if needed.