Aquaman gives us even more of what we want with amazing Easter egg


There is a comic book Easter egg in the upcoming Aquaman movie that we are all excited to see, because it’s one of the best the DCEU has given us yet.

When it comes to the DCEU, there have been some hits and some misses, but when it comes to its Easter eggs, there have been some real winners. In fact, as Screen Rant pointed out, in Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice the references were on point and some of the best in a comic book based movie yet. But it sounds like Aquaman is trying to outdo earlier movies thanks to one cameo.

During the scene previews the media was privy to during a visit to James Wan’s edit bay, they got to see three scenes including the one in which Aquaman and King Orm face off in an arena. It was during this scene that a major Easter egg from the comics appeared, and the cameo is perfect.

In the comics there is an octopus named Topo, who happens to be gifted in music. And during the scene in the upcoming Aquaman movie, it seems that Topo makes an appearance, and he isn’t just there for show. He is actually playing the music for the ritual combat.

For those unfamiliar with the original Aquaman comics, Topo began appearing in 1965 as one of the sea creatures training alongside the superhero as a potential sidekick. During his training, he proved to be musically gifted, giving him an edge to the other creatures Aquaman was working with. On top of his musical abilities, he was also said to be good with a bow and arrow.

Over the years, Topo was relegated to the background, and ultimately became a gag of sorts. But now it seems that the upcoming DCEU Aquaman movie is looking to redeem the talented octopus and his reputation (just like they are doing with the superhero himself).

Even if Topo is only there as a cameo moment to provide music for the confrontation between Aquaman and King Orm, it is still a fitting tribute to a character that hasn’t been given quite enough respect over the years.

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So for those you who are fans of the comics, you might want to pay attention as the camera pans across the people surrounding the ring, in order to see Topo as he helps to create the music for the upcoming battle. It may just be a quick glimpse, but it is enough to excite those of us who loved the original version of the octopus who was more than just a “super-pet” — but rather a true sidekick of the times.