Watch Thor’s epic arrival scene from Avengers: Infinity War play out entirely in Legos


One talented YouTuber recreated one of the best scenes with Thor from Avengers: Infinity War all with Legos, and it’s absolutely amazing.

Spoilers warning! Even though Avengers: Infinity War has been out for a while, we’re still throwing up a warning — just in case.

If you weren’t already wondering why there isn’t a Lego Avengers movie, you’ll surely be wanting one after seeing this clip. If Batman can get a Lego movie, why not Thor?

YouTuber Huxley Berg Studios took one of our favorite Infinity War scenes and completely recreated using Avengers Lego bricks and figures. You remember Thor’s goosebump-raising entrance into Wakanda, right? Honestly, who could forget that scene? Well, it’s getting a lot more memorable now that’s it’s been redone with Legos.

The video starts out right when the heroes in Wakanda are at their lowest point and could really use some saving. That, of course, is when the God of Thunder returns from taking the heat from a dying star and recreating his ax, Stormbreaker. From there on, you know things are about to get good. Even little Lego Thor looks like he absolutely means business. Maybe in the Lego version of this movie, Thanos doesn’t win and everybody gets a happy ending.

The creator wrote in the video’s description: “Ever since I watched this scene, I knew I had to do it in LEGO! So here it is! Also don’t yell at me for spoilers, you should of seen it by now!”

You can watch the awesome Lego video below.

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If you want to relive your childhood, you could get each of the Lego Avengers sets and recreate the scenes yourself. Or, just rewatch Infinity War in theaters and pretend that it’s done entirely in with Lego characters. Either way, we’re sure it’ll be great.