10 relatable Captain America memes that will have you reconsidering your choices


Captain America is stalking all of our timelines, and reminding us of some of our worst life choices. Here’s the best of those judgy memes on Twitter.

Who knew Captain America could be so judgemental when it came to all our life choices? Okay, maybe not the Cap we know and love in the comics and movies, but definitely the Cap who’s made his rounds on the internet this week.

So, let’s all let Captain America quietly judge us for some of our worse offenses. But don’t worry, we’re all doing these terrible, terrible things. It’s just time to let this meme helped us face the music.

Go ahead and @ all of us on this one next time. This especially goes for some of the great folks in the MCU (looking at you Downey, Ruffalo and, heck, even Bassett). We love them all!

Okay, Animal Crossing gets real, but they didn’t have to be this real! I know, I know. I’ll have to suffer the consequences if I forget to save. I’ll try to be better next time! (I won’t.)

So maybe we spend too much time listening to K-Pop. And maybe that’s easier than learning trigonometry and calculus some nights. But that’s just the way it is. Sorry, sorry!

Oh, movie creators! You spent so much time developing your protagonists and heroes that you left your unpopular characters the most vulnerable. They are ours to keep now!

Don’t judge us on this one. Sometimes a good story draws you in longer than you thought. And sometimes you sleep in a little longer because, hey, everyone needs their beauty sleep.

Ah yes, a new release for me to play! Pay no mind to the other 20 titles I still haven’t finished… This goes for books, too. I keep buying them and never finish reading them. But they look nice on my bookshelf.

This is correct. You can either find me on weekends sleeping all day or catching the bare-minimum of sleep any other time of the day. There is no in-between.

I’m still not over the fact that some people heard Yanny. The truth is (and it’s proven) that is Laurel. Still disagree? Let’s discuss.

Yeah, everyone could use a good editor — even on Twitter. This is even further proof that Twitter needs an edit feature to save our butts!

Hey! Singing is important, even if you don’t get the words quite right. Sometimes I like to think that my lyrics are better anyway. Those songwriters don’t know what they’re talking about.

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