Star Wars has a set of Funko Pop! figures coming to San Diego Comic-Con


Just in case your collection of Star Wars Pop!s wasn’t big enough, Funko has another new set coming to San Diego Comic-Con.

Star Wars Celebration Orlando had its own impressive set of Funko Pop! exclusives, like a new Han Solo as well as a version of Princess Leia in her Hoth outfit from The Empire Strikes Back. Now, Star Wars Celebration is big. We don’t think that you can really argue that it’s bigger than San Diego Comic-Con, though.

But Star Wars being at SDCC (especially with the recent new runs of comics from Marvel) is not a surprise. Ditto with Funko.

As a result, Funko has announced that it will have Star Wars Pop!s available at SDCC. Check them out below:

From bottom to top, we have a holographic version of Princess Leia wearing her hood from the opening sequence of A New Hope packaged with R2-D2. It reflects a greater trend of doing or holograph versions of Star Wars characters. (A holographic Qui-Gon Jinn also appeared at SWCO.)

Then, in the middle, we have two Rogue One: A Star Wars Story figures. We actually saw the concept art for the Bodhi Rook figure on the left a couple of months ago. Additionally, Funko confirmed on Twitter that Bodhi will be a shared exclusive. What that means is that you’ll be able to order it from presumably just one retailer. For example, Hot Topic had the SWCO Han Solo Pop!. In that same tweet, Funko added we’ll find out where that is during the week of July 20, which is the first day of SDCC. (Hopefully the Leia and Artoo 2-pack is also a shared exclusive.) On the right is a new trooper: the Combat Assault Tank Trooper.

Finally, we have another holograph character: Supreme Leader Snoke, which is 6 inches high and also glows in the dark because it wasn’t special enough by being bigger than normal. Having Snoke in hologram form leaves room for there to be another figure of him after The Last Jedi, especially considering recent LEGO set leaks.

Next: Darth Vader's new Pop!

Note that Funko clearly stated this is “SDCC 2017 Exclusives Wave 1.” These five figures might constitute the entire Star Wars collection, but something like a Marvel or DC line might also be in the cards. Expect more announcements between now and SDCC.