Star Wars: The Last Jedi will have LEGO sets, and there are already leaks


Technically speaking, we don’t know much about The Last Jedi, but a new leak reportedly shows some of the LEGO sets for the upcoming film.

Warning: This contains possible spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Some people don’t like spoilers. Some people do. If you’re one of the former, just know that if you scroll past the trailer below, there are spoilers

Between the fact that Star Wars is an extremely hot franchise and the fact that there have been LEGO sets for the movies since 1999 (otherwise known as when The Phantom Menace came out), it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the upcoming film The Last Jedi will also have LEGO kits. In fact, Making Star Wars has already found photos of some of those kits on Reddit. Let’s pull out a couple things from the minifigs included in each of the photographed kits.

First, as MSW notes, one set has Poe Dameron dubbed “Captain Poe Dameron.” What MSW doesn’t comment on is that that captain figure has a different outfit than we’ve seen before. In sets for The Force Awakens, Poe tended to have a flight uniform or his leather jacket on. In this set, however, he’s wearing all black. Could everyone’s current favorite fighter pilot end up going on another secret mission? Or is he just going to get a new jacket to replace the one that Finn has basically confiscated? Either way, it looks exciting.

Now we get to Supreme Leader Snoke. MSW reports that they confirmed his golden clothing a month ago, which, props to them. What we’re more interested in — and what some Reddit comments also picked up on — is that Snoke’s skin tone looks off. One even suggested that the hologram is a fake projection and that’s why Snoke’s TFA appearance and this figure don’t seem to match up. Now that, we can agree with, but it doesn’t explain why Kylo Ren seems to completely buy it in TFA.

Snoke probably didn’t take Ben Solo to the opera or anything. It does seem likely that there was some in-person interaction to form him into the Vader-loving, edgy, totally not a Sith character we know in the present of the films, though. Sure, it could be explained away by Kylo being in on the plan. But why throw in an extra twist just for the sake of it? Something seems up here. However, we might not learn much about it in TLJ, since it doesn’t seem like Snoke will be explored much.

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As we get closer to The Last Jedi, expect more toy announcements — and maybe some more leaks, too.