Star Wars Celebration Orlando Has Still More Funko Exclusives


Those who don’t have Star Wars Celebration Orlando tickets might find themselves looking with longing at the second wave of exclusive Funko merchandise.

Last week, the first set of Funko exclusives for the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando included another vehicle and figure combination in Rey as well as an additional version of Han Solo. However, even then, we noted that a Part 1 usually presages a Part 2. Unsurprisingly enough, there is indeed a Part 2.

To join the action Han Solo, there’s also a Princess Leia in her Hoth costume from The Empire Strikes Back as well as a hooded Luke Skywalker from Return of the the Jedi, down to having the black glove on his mechanical hand and his green lightsaber. In fact, one might say that the Han, Leia, and Luke Pops represent the three movies of the original trilogy, since we noted that Han’s Pop looks to be referring to A New Hope. If it’s intentional, it’s a very nice touch indeed.

Then, for those who like their Star Wars Rebels (or just the works of Timothy Zahn in the Expanded Universe), there’s a Grand Admiral Thrawn figure as well. Next to him is a 442nd Clone Trooper.

Also, has anyone noticed that these exclusives don’t include many figures from the prequels? The clone trooper is about as close as it gets.

Finally, the Funko blog confirms that the last three items come as sets. If you want the blue mini Greedo, you’ll have to accept that it comes with a glittery and clear one. Ditto with the golden Greedo and the green. As for the plushes, should you want Jabba the Hutt, you’ll get Salacious (B.) Crumb as well. It does not look like he will laugh for you, but you can probably imagine the laugh as often as you want.

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Then, at the very bottom of the blog post, there’s a note that April 12 will bring an announcement of “shared exclusives,” which could mean quite a few different things.