Death Note Pops Are Coming from Funko


Funko has expanded its anime line once again by announcing a small series of Death Note-themed Pop! figures for fans of the modern classic.

Death Note sometimes gets lost in the shuffle when it comes to discussing the best modern anime and manga out there. Perhaps it’s because it isn’t still running or ran for a particularly long period of time like Bleach or Naruto, some of its close contemporaries. No, Death Note came to an end, but its popularity remains, enough for Funko to announce a line of Pop! figures based on the three main characters of the series.

Check them out below, starting with none other than Light Yagami, the high school student who discovers a death god’s notebook (the, ahem, Death Note) one day and decides to use it.

Image provided via Funko of Light Yagami Pop!

Perhaps the only way to improve the Light Pop would be to have him holding a bag of potato chips and/or eating them. However, it wouldn’t come with the deliciously overblown chorus as it does in the anime, and really, what is that scene without the soundtrack? Not nearly as funny, that’s what.

Image provided via Funko of Ryuk Pop!

But what is Light Yagami without his death god companion and the original owner of the Note, Ryuk? Just based on the photo, it appears that he will be somewhat larger than the human Pops! in the collection, reflecting his rather large size. Having him hold an apple, his favorite food, is a nice touch as well.

Image provided by Funko of L Pop!

The Pop for L has some nice touches to it as well. The dark circles around his eyes help evoke the feeling that L is perpetually tired without sacrificing the Pop! style. It’s also nice to see him with his hands in his pockets — and barefoot as well.

Image provided by Funko of L Special Edition Pop

L (With Cake) basically sums this up. Here, Funko captured L’s habit of never sitting like a normal person (would you if you were a genius detective?) and his notorious sweet tooth. Per the press release, this one will only appear at Hot Topic, but can you resist it?

These will hit shelves in June. Could that hint at a release date for the new Netflix adaptation? Will characters like Misa join the lineup before then?

Next: Bodhi Rook is the Next Rogue One Pop!

That, we just don’t know yet. We’ll have to content ourselves with a rewatch of the anime until then.