Funko Has Announced Some of the Star Wars Celebration Pop Figures


The Star Wars Celebration will offer fans a chance to get their hands on some exclusive Funko Pop! figures, including a new version of a new favorite.

At this point, the Star Wars line of Funko Pop! figures is pretty hard to resist. It seems that every time there’s a major release, there are new items to collect, and they’re just so darn cute on top of that. However, you may find it easier to justify not shelling out for these new figures, because they’re all going to be Star Wars Celebration Orlando exclusives.

Funko emphasized that this announcement just represents the first set of exclusives, which effectively means that we’ll likely hear about more sooner rather than later.

Check them all out below:

From top to bottom, we have Rey in full scavenger gear with the speeder she uses on Jakku in The Force Awakens, the Imperial spy Garindan (and yes, you can see that Funko put that on the box in the company’s blog post, just in case you didn’t recognize the distinctive mask), Han Solo in an action pose, a holographic version of Qui-Gon Jinn, Chopper in disguise from Star Wars Rebels, and then a Wobbler of Boba Fett in what Funko has dubbed his Proto Suit.

Let’s face it: Rey on her speeder is kind of the coolest one here, and you can clearly see some supports that mean the speeder remains freestanding. Han, meanwhile, looks like he’s about to charge down a hallway in A New Hope, screaming all the way.

Unfortunately, as we mentioned above, all of these will only be at the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando next month. Even if you do have tickets, you might not be able to get in anyway, because Funko has actually put an additional lottery in place for access to their booth. Seriously: you’ll need to enter and hope you luck out.

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But if you had both sets of tickets in your hands, which of these figures would you spend your hard-earned credits on?