Darth Vader has another new Pop! figure for Star Wars collecting purposes


Although Darth Vader doesn’t really change outfits, necessitating different Pop! figures for each, he does have a new figure from Funko.

When it comes to Star Wars, it’s pretty easy to see how there might be multiple Pop! figures for each of the main characters. Even Obi-Wan Kenobi has a couple of variations out there. Ditto with Darth Vader.

We’re not saying that Funko may have had a brilliant idea to announce a new Darth Vader Pop! coming out this month (with a hat tip to Nerdist), but we are very definitely implying it. Here’s why: it finally puts Vader in his TIE prototype.

Check it out below:

As the tweet notes, this is a deluxe figure, which might mean that it retails for more than normal Pop! prices. Although the angle of the photo makes it tough to tell, it does appear as though the box is bigger as well. But there are a couple of cool notes here. First, Vader’s lenses again regain that red tint that they had in A New Hope. Second, and this is something Nerdist picks up on as well, the base is actually modeled after the Death Star.

But the choice to release this Pop! also appears to reflect a greater trend of Funko going bigger with its figures. Just last month, the Smuggler’s Bounty box for May included a Pop! of Luke Skywalker in his X-34 landspeeder. However, that figure was box-exclusive. Vader in his TIE Fighter is only going to be exclusive to Target.

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This choice to start releasing some larger figures does open up a new section of inspiration. Funko’s proven it’s good at those nice touches that keep fans happy already. Some slightly different, bigger figures might be just what it needs to have more opportunities to expand beyond just adding new licenses.