Sara Ramirez Fired From 'And Just Like That'

Actress Sara Ramirez won't be returning for Season 3 of 'And Just Like That'
HBO Max's "And Just Like That" New York Premiere
HBO Max's "And Just Like That" New York Premiere / Jamie McCarthy/GettyImages

Season 3 of And Just Like That will be minus a cast member when it returns. Sara Ramirez, who's played Che Diaz for the past two seasons has been fired from the HBO Max series.

Che was a new character introduced in the Sex and the City sequel. The comedian/podcast co-host sparked controversy because of her relationship with Miranda Hobbes. Despite the writers' constant push of the character, fans never accepted Che or her and Miranda's romance.

The show finally listened to the fan backlash and ended Che and Miranda in Season 2. Following the couple's breakup, it appeared there was no use for Che anymore and the producers decided to give her the boot.

Why was Sara Ramirez fired from And Just Like That?

Rumors about Ramirez being fired began on Tuesday with a series of Instagram posts. In one post, Ramirez accuses Hollywood of blacklisting actors for being pro-Palestine in the country's ongoing war with Israel. Later the actress thanked everyone in her life for supporting her during difficult times.

Ramirez's Instagram activity implies her political beliefs were a factor in her exit from And Just Like That. However, a source told Daily Mail that Ramirez's firing was because of creative reasons.

"Sara was not fired because they support Palestine and the cease fire. Sara was fired because Che brought nothing to the show anymore. They were on the chopping block since last season. After Che split with Miranda, the character really held no value anymore and fans found them annoying. The storyline as a struggling comedian was a waste of airetime and Sara knew it."

Regardless of the reason for Ramirez's departure, fans can officially say goodbye to Che now. Season 3 of And Just Like That is scheduled for release in 2025.

How do you feel about Che's departure from the show?