Aquaman 2 brings back Randall Park and adds three more cast members

Aquaman/Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
Aquaman/Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures /

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is coming together, with new cast members being added to the adventure that already features Jason Momoa (of course), Patrick Wilson, Willem Dafoe, Amber Heard, and more. On top of the returning cast, we also have Randall Park reprising his role as Dr. Stephen Shin (who we saw at the end of the first movie teaming up with Black Manta), and three more new cast members.

According to Collider, the three new cast members include Jani Zhao, Vincent Regan, and Indya Moore. While the return of Park makes perfect sense, it will be interesting to see how he plays a role in the Aquaman sequel, especially since Dr. Shin is obsessed with finding the lost kingdom of Atlantis.

And then we have our three new additions, Zhao, Regan, and Moore. Vincent Regan will be portraying the original ruler of Atlantis, Atlan. In the first movie, the character of Atlan was played by Graham McTavish, although he was not a big part of the story, per se. This time around, it sounds like we will be seeing a bit more of Atlan, so having Regan step into this role shouldn’t be too disconcerting for fans.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom reveals more cast members we will see on the big screen

For our second new addition to the Aquaman sequel, we have Jani Zhao. The actress will be playing a whole new character called Stingray. And since this is a character that seems to have been created for the sequel, we really don’t know if they will be a friend or foe when it comes to Arthur Curry’s Aquaman.

Finally, the third new cast member is Indya Moore, who will be taking on the role of a character named Karshon. According to the description for this character, Karshon is “a shark that gains telepathic powers after being hit with radiation.”

If that sounds familiar as a DC comics fan, you would be correct as Karshon was originally a character from the Green Lantern stories. It is likely that there will be some changes in the character from their Green Lantern roots, but it will be interesting to see how that works.

Honestly, any news about Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is exciting, but having new characters and a returning villain is definitely what we are here for. Now we just have to wait until December 16, 2022, to see how it all plays out.

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Are you excited for the return of Randall Park to the sequel? What do you think of the other three additions to the cast? What are you the most excited to see in the sequel? Let us know below.