Step into the Hundred Acre Wood with this whimsical Bearbnb

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While guests might have to provide their own red balloon, the magic and wonder of the Hundred Acre Wood has opened its doors to guests. In honor of the 95th Anniversary of the iconic children’s character, guests can step into Winnie the Pooh’s world in this stunning Airbnb location.

Over the years, Airbnb has found locations that mimic iconic, pop culture locales. From movie scenes to television homes, many people long for the opportunity to recreate their own special moment that they have seen on the screen.

While theme parks might transport guests with immersive experiences, those concepts are very directed. Although that build up to the ride experience is exciting, the reality is when the car comes to a halt, the guest cannot evolve the idea beyond what the theme park wants.

With an Airbnb experience, the guest is in control. From the moment that they cross over the threshold, that world which is full of possibilities that can come to life and the childlike wonder is even more exciting.

What can guests expect from Bearbnb Hundred Acre Wood?

The custom Bearbnb is hosted by Kim Raymond, a Disney-appointed Winnie the Pooh illustrator. Having drawn the lovable bear and his friends for over 30 years, every attention to detail has been taken into account. The special locale takes into consideration the original E. H. Shepard designs and decorations.

Raymond said, “I have been illustrating Winnie the Pooh for thirty years and I continue to be inspired by the classic decorations of E.H. Shepard and the more recent Disney stories. The ‘Bearbnb’ is a unique experience that brings the charm of Pooh to life for fans, whilst honouring the original adventures that have been so important to many people for 95 years.”

From the stocked honey pots to the intricate details throughout the home, every spot feels as if guests have turned another page in this iconic character’s tale. And, there is even a guided tour through the original Hundred Acre Wood. Luckily, there is a hunny-inspired meal waiting after all that exploring.

The Hundred Acre Wood experience is available exclusively on Airbnb. For more information, please visit the brand’s website for more details and visuals.

And, if this idea sparked an interest on a special travel getaway, Airbnb has a variety of locales both in the U.S. and around the world that are stunning. From imaginative treehouses to themed experiences, the next great adventure is just a click away.

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