Is Netflix teasing us with a third Haunting anthology series?

After the massive success of the first two Haunting anthology series seasons on Netflix, you would think a third season would be obvious. And while both The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor were clearly winners for Netflix, it was quickly made clear that at this time there are actually no plans for a third season.

As Elite Daily pointed out, Mike Flanagan, the man behind both seasons of the Netflix anthology has repeatedly stated that there are no plans in place for a third season. But that didn’t stop people from getting pretty excited about a teaser that was shared to the Haunting social media accounts (Twitter and Instagram).

So what is this mystery clip? It seems like it may just be a tease for Flanagan’s upcoming series, Midnight Mass. And how do we know this?

The Haunting social media accounts share a spooky teaser that gets people asking if we are getting a third season

In response to the Twitter tease, someone tagged Mike Flanagan and asked him directly. In the tweet they say, “What’s this about @flanaganfilm? I thought there were no current plans for a new series.” And Flanagan responded rather simply with, “No plans for a new HAUNTING series…”

So while this may not be anything in the Haunting universe/series, that doesn’t mean it isn’t another horror or mystery inspired series. Back in June, he tweeted about finishing up on the Midnight Mass series, so it stands to reason that if this tease isn’t part of the Haunting franchise, then it has to be a teaser for a similar project, which Midnight Mass is said to be.

It makes sense that they would tease another horror anthology series on this particular Netflix series social media, especially such a popular one. But we can’t help but wish that this was a first look at the show we want and not something new we need to fall in love with.

Check out the teaser posted to Twitter here:

What did you think? Did you see this tweet and think it was a teaser for a third season? Let us know your thoughts!