10 of the scariest moments in The Haunting of Hill House

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The Haunting of Hill House has finally started streaming on Netflix and brought with it plenty of chills and thrills. We have 10 moments we found to be the scariest.

When it comes to scary TV series, it can be hard to keep the thrills, chills, and horror moving forward without being too much. With more than two or three hours of material, a TV show needs to be paced properly in a way that keeps the scares coming without sacrificing the story or being too much. At the same time, with 10 episodes, you want to experience some chills and thrills throughout all 10 hours of programming, and luckily The Haunting of Hill House seemed to understand that.

We wanted a show that scared us, while still giving us a real story. And that is exactly what we got, a story with substance, horror, chills, and thrills.

And honestly, we feel like this series is a slow burn that’s also well-paced. Even the first episode offers some scary moments, which was a pleasant surprise for those of us who were worried that the show would start off too slow. Thanks to one family’s story of tragedy and terror, told in the past and present, we have a haunting tale of more than just ghosts.

For those of us who were looking as much for the scares, as we were searching for a good story as a whole, we have put together a list of 10 moments that made us gasp, shiver, or downright scared us.