Travel Tuesday: Universal Orlando offers daytime haunted houses

(Photo by: Roberto Gonzalez/Universal Orlando Resort)
(Photo by: Roberto Gonzalez/Universal Orlando Resort) /

Universal Orlando invites you to scream with daytime haunted houses.

While it might not be Halloween Horror Nights 30, Universal Orlando just announced two daytime haunted houses opening this weekend. Although there might not be that iconic HHN fog or chainsaw guys lurking in the corner, Universal still knows what scares you.

In a recent announcement, Universal Orlando shared that two daytime haunted houses would open this weekend, September 19 and 20. The haunted houses are “Revenge of the Tooth Fairy” and “Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives.”

Recently, many park attendees started to see the telltale HHN metal signs around the park. While those signs could be a portal to an infamous churro stand in Islands of Adventure, it seemed obvious that another option was far more likely.

While the Tribute Store and its Beetlejuice room has received rave reviews, HHN fans had been wanting more. The corridor showcasing 30 years of HHN memories left many fans with longing. Those screams were being suppressed and needed to get out.

Given that these two haunted houses are original Universal properties, HHN fans should expect some deep-rooted, frightful scenes. Even though guests will brave the first step via daylight, the twisted Halloween Horror Nights creators will not tame down the experience. Bravery will be needed.

Thinking about these two houses, the “Revenge of the Tooth Fairy” could be the ultimate scare. In previous years, Universal Orlando explored Scary Tales where those fairy tales took a deadly turn.

It seems likely that piles of teeth will be plastered around the haunted house. Hopefully, with the protection of your mask, this tooth fairy will not add your teeth to her collection.

The addition of another version of Universal Monsters is a great choice by Universal. Last year’s Universal Monsters house at HHN29 was a huge hit. It brought together many iconic characters and left guests recalling their first encounters with truly scary characters.

While the two haunted houses will get a lot of attention, Universal Orlando is doing something new this year. Guests 12 and under can trick or treat around the Islands of Adventure. This offering could see a lot of guests attend, especially given that Disney canceled its Halloween celebration.

Also, everyone can wear costumes around Universal Orlando during the seasonal celebration. While there are parameters, it is still a time for everyone to enjoy the spooky season.

Although the Halloween celebration is set to get underway, all the safety measures still must be followed. From proper mask wearing to temperature checks and social distancing, all safety measures are in place.

If you are ready to get your fright fix, Universal Orlando is bringing you a taste of the spooky season. It might not be a never-ending story but those deeply rooted fears can still come out in daylight.

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Are you excited for Universal Orlando’s Halloween offering? Will you brave these haunted houses?