Halloween Horror Nights 30 will scare you, but not this year

Universal Orlando announced Halloween Horror Nights 30 has been canceled and will take place next year instead.

Even though Universal Orlando has welcomed back visitors, a big announcement has made many people fearful of what is, and is not, to come. Halloween Horror Nights 30 has been canceled for 2020. While many people questioned the feasibility of this annual Halloween event, the announcement has made many parkgoers sad. Will there be any fright in this year’s Halloween festivities?

Over the past month, there have been many speculations about if, when, or how Halloween Horror Nights would happen at Universal Orlando. While the theme park has worked with guests to ensure proper social distancing, face coverings, and other health protocols, a regular day at the theme park is not a Halloween event. The annual Halloween-themed celebration presented unique challenges that the current safety protocols make difficult to overcome.

While many people were excited to see what looked like the start of a Tribute Store emerge in Universal Studios, that façade seemed to be just a mirage. Or, maybe it was a decoy to keep everyone off guard. Even if a little taste of fright is available at Universal, it will not be the full experience.

The annual Halloween event is hugely popular. Over the years, the celebration has grown and grown. Last year’s saw many popular pop-culture icons incorporated into the experience. From Stranger Things to Ghostbusters to even a Rob Zombie-inspired scare zone, there was something for everyone.

But Halloween Horror Nights is often packed with guests. Whether it is people congregating in the scare zones or grabbing onto a friend to lead you through the haunted houses, the space is full. It would be impossible to stay six feet apart.

Additionally, the requirement of wearing a mask in the dark can be an issue. While people would not be walking around eating and drinking sans mask, the face covering could be difficult for both guests and team members. Sure, the event is meant to be scary, but no one wants real life scary put into the mix.

Given that this year was to be Halloween Horror Nights 30, it couldn’t be a scaled-back, watered-down version of the event. That scenario would make it depressing. While Universal knows what scares you, they also don’t want to disappoint their loyal fans with a lackluster event.

In the end, the best decision was made. There might be a nod or two toward a Halloween-esque area. Maybe Universal could sell some Halloween Horror Nights face masks. Some glow in the dark Beetlejuice ones would be nice (if anyone is listening).

For now, all those screams will have to wait another year. Look on the bright side: Just think of the scary things that the creative minds at Halloween Horror Nights can create in a year.

What do you think about Halloween Horror Nights 30 being canceled? Do you think it was the right decision?