Travel Tuesday: Universal Orlando Tribute Store is taste of HHN

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(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images) /

For HHN fans, the Universal Orlando Tribute Store gives a glimpse of what could have been.

Although daylight seems to make entering through the door less frightful, the Universal Orlando Tribute Store offers a taste of the frightful for Halloween Horror Night fans. Without scare actors sneaking around the corner or that fog hiding frights just a breath away, the screams have been replaced with hushed tones. Still, the Tribute Store offers plenty to see and even a glimpse of what might have been at Halloween Horror Nights 30.

Located in the traditional Tribute Store spot, this year’s attraction is bigger than the traditional store. Over the weekend, an additional area has had more guests flocking to the store to experience what might have been one of the best houses of Halloween Horror Nights 30.

Overall, the Tribute Store offers a journey through some iconic memories of the past 30 years. From Frankenstein waiting to rise from the table to Jack watching your every move, there are plenty of creepy factors in every corner.

Since this experience is a store, there is more opportunity to look and longer versus a traditional Halloween Horror Nights attraction. Hidden throughout the rooms are plenty of “Easter Eggs.” Although it can be hard to sit and stare, this store is more than just buying some themed t-shirts or souvenirs.

Recently, Universal Orlando opened a new room. While you might want to visit more than three times, you might not want to say his name three times. A Beetlejuice experience has had everyone talking.

While not confirmed, this section of the Tribute Store seems to show that a Beetlejuice haunted house was going to be part of Halloween Horror Nights 30. Based on the various scenes and tremendous details, this area was not created in a matter of weeks.

Many of the iconic movie scenes have been included. Guests can even walk through that infamous “waiting room.”

Anyone who has been to Halloween Horror knows how detailed each of the houses is. But, some of the hidden gems can be missed because you’re reacting to the scare actors. With no one lurking around the corner, you can look at the items in the table or all the posters on the wall.

Since it is a store, there are plenty of items to purchase. From shirts to masks to souvenirs, there are many choices.

The new food options are also a must-try. The beating gummy hearts have been the most talked-about food item. It is rather creepy to see those gummy treats beating in the dark.

With the food area being glow in the dark, much of the food is glow in the dark themed. The whole donut menu is quite impressive. Just don’t stop at Voodoo Doughnuts before visiting.

Overall, a visit to the Universal Orlando Tribute Store is a taste of Halloween Horror Nights. It might not have that fog or the chainsaws chasing you to the register, but that Halloween Horror Night smell still wafts in the air.

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