Fashion Friday: LOVE Binetti is giving us stunning handbags to take into summer

Is there anything better than refreshing your wardrobe with a new handbag? For Fashion Friday, we look at LOVE Binetti and their newest collection.

Every week, we take a look at different aspects of fashion, from new collections and stunning pieces, to movies and programs that give us all the magic of the fashion industry. For this week’s Fashion Friday, we take a look at a new collection from LOVE Binetti.

While we have already looked at Diego Binetti and LOVE Binetti‘s fashion once this year, this time it is all about the handbags. And as someone who loves a good accessory, handbags are always a must-have.

Not only do I love the way a handbag can refresh a wardrobe, but I think they are the perfect way to add a pop of color and fun to a look. Thankfully, with LOVE Binetti’s newest collection of handbags, we have some amazing and fun pieces to take into the summer.

LOVE Binetti

LOVE Binetti Ceci Handbag for Spring. Image Courtesy LOVE Binetti

With prices that range anywhere from $90 to $300, there is something for everyone, even as my favorite piece is the Ceci Bag which comes in at $240. What makes the Ceci Bag so much fun is the fact that it reminds me of a basket purse with a lid, but this one is made with leather and a pop of color. It’s a fun size and adds another dimension to any look.

What makes the entire collection of LOVE Binetti handbags for 2020 so much fun is the fact that it is all about the details. We are talking about tassels, beading, straw, and more. All of these details make these handbags works of art, as much as they are fashion pieces.

And while I am in love with the more simplistic look of the Ceci bag, perhaps the Sally Multi-Blue Bag or Sally Multi-Mauve Bag are more your style, with their wooden handles, fringe, and woven details. In fact, the Sally makes me think of a day at the beach, as much as a statement piece with your brunch look.

Then there is the Nora which comes in silver and rust colors, and is also the most affordable bag in the collection. It might also be the most versatile in terms of where it can be used. This hobo style bag is just as perfect for work as it is a night on the town, and that makes it a must have, right along with the other bags in this collection.

Honestly, it seems like this entire collection is about not just putting your best foot forward, but also doing it in style. Considering how much fun each of these bags is, I don’t mind snagging one of these as my newest fashion-forward accessory for 2020.

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What do you think of handbags as a way to add a new pop of freshness to your wardrobe? Do you like the new collection from LOVE Binetti? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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