Fashion Friday: Kick Spring Fashion into high gear with boho chic looks from designers like Diego Binetti

Photo: Love Binetti Sunny striped linen midi dres.. Image Courtesy Love Binetti
Photo: Love Binetti Sunny striped linen midi dres.. Image Courtesy Love Binetti /

Spring is nearly upon us, and that means it is time for some Spring Fashion finds. In 2020, boho chic is once again living its best life and so are we.

Fashion is an ever-evolving, ever-changing thing that has a way of coming full circle. Styles from yesteryear pop up often as inspiration for new looks, and there are trends that pop up repeatedly. For 2020’s Spring Fashion, boho chic is definitely the “in thing” for a lot of reasons, and while this is a trend that tends to stick around, with the help of designers like Diego Binetti, the looks remain fresh and fun.

If you want an example of just how popular boho chic really is, just look at stores and brands like Anthopologie and Free People, where the entire aesthetic is about being a free spirit and wearing pieces that are made from natural fabrics in tones that are more neutral in a lot of ways.

That being said, there are always pops of boldness when going for a boho chic look, and while you can do this by opting for bolder accessories or shoes, even a brilliant pop of color can have the same effect. In many cases a boho chic look can be achieved by wearing clothes that have fun patterns on them, even as the material is more loose and flowy.

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For 2020, Spring Fashion is really leaning heavily into these boho chic looks, and that is especially evident in some of the designs that Diego Binetti released as part of his Love Binetti line. While this high fashion line is definitely at the top end of our budgets, thanks to Matches Find, we can always snag a piece to help build up our Spring Fashion wardrobe. And the fact that Binetti gives us pieces that are designed for active women means that we can basically wear anything he releases everywhere!

These looks are all about being free-spirited and beach ready, which is definitely the vibe we are hoping to achieve this season. With the Love Binetti line, we are talking blouses that are flowy and chic, while also being made to last. And their maxi dresses are perfect for date night, walking on the beach, and going from Spring to Summer with ease. Seriously, I am slightly obsessed with their Good Vibrations Tie-Dye Cotton Tunic, as it is chic, stylish, and ready for just about any occasion this Spring.

Of course, if you’re anything like me and can’t fill your closet with all things Love Binetti, there are more affordable options that also work. Free People is a great alternative (and Love Binetti even partnered with the brand in the past, which is great if you are looking for a comparable aesthetic).

One of my favorite new pieces that Free People released as part of their Spring Fashion finds is the So Fresh Tunic, which is an ivory, mini dress length tunic in a flowy design that gives us all the ethereal vibes we could have asked for. Just scrolling through their What’s New section is enough to inspire all of our Spring Fling Fashion must-haves this season. In fact, if you want to be inspired to create the perfect boho chic wardrobe this Spring, Free People is the place to be.

While there are plenty of trends that are making Spring 2020 their home, we are loving the boho chic vibes right now. They are perfect for the beach, date night, and keeping things soft and simple. And we are living for soft and simple.

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What do you think of the boho chic fashion trends? What’s your favorite look? Tell us what you think in the comments.