Making the Cut episode 9 review: Shop to the finale

AUGUST 23, 2019 - New York, NY: Filming season 1 episode 109 of Making The Cut in New York, New York on August 23, 2019. (Photo by David Scott Holloway)
AUGUST 23, 2019 - New York, NY: Filming season 1 episode 109 of Making The Cut in New York, New York on August 23, 2019. (Photo by David Scott Holloway) /

With three designers seeking to become the next big global fashion brand, Making the Cut gives fashionistas the chance to shop the looks.

Throughout the first season of Making the Cut, the brand competition has pushed the boundaries of what a fashion competition can be. As it has been said over and over, this Amazon Prime show is not about the best technical seamstress, the most innovative designer, or the most sellable looks. To be the next big global fashion brand, these entrepreneurs need to balance the business, the fashion and the knowledge to win the $1 million.

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t watched Making the Cut Episode 9, please be aware episode details are revealed beyond this point.

With Tokyo a distant memory, the designers prepare to open their own pop-up shops. These little shoppable stores are an accessible preview of their 14-look runway collection. If there wasn’t enough pressure to connect with the buying customers, one designer would be cut before the finale runway. To say the stakes were high is an understatement.

Looking at the three different pop-up shops, the visuals proved that Jonny, Sander and Ester are very different designers and brands. Before even looking at the clothes on the hanger, the vibe of each store was incredibly different.

Sander had a younger, vibrant approach to his store. While there was color everywhere, one aspect really made him stand out: The idea of an in-store tailor, who would custom fit an outfit, is unique.

Although there was a slightly younger vibe, that idea of a specific look that was just for you has broad appeal. Everyone wants to feel unique. Even though they might want to have a similar vibe to their friends, everyone wants to be special.

In some ways, Sander found the balance between his artistic flare and the commercial side. Clothes were accessible, but they still pushed the envelope. It was clear that he learned from the Making the Cut experience.

For Ester, her Berlin edgy vibe was quite apparent. In some ways, her pop-up  shop looked more like an art gallery than a clothing store. Bathed in black and gold, there was a clear edge. While the sea of black had shades of color, that minimalistic look made the gold accessories stand out. In some ways, it was an invitation to reveal another side that was ready to break free.

It was interesting that Ester added some T-shirts to her collection. That idea makes her brand more accessible to a larger audience. While some fashionistas can wear that edgy vest walking down the street, other women cannot. Understanding how to balance all consumers is an important skill to have.

Lastly, Jonny’s pop-up shop looked as if it was straight from SoHo or NoHo. From the butterflies hanging from the ceiling to the aroma from his signature candles, Jonny has created a lifestyle brand, not just a fashion line.

He used this pop-up experience as a way to launch Jonny Cota. While Skingraft will always be part of his identity, it was time for him to spread his wings and fly.

After listening to the judges’ feedback all season, Jonny found his voice. It wasn’t just softening a hard edge or adding a touch of color, Jonny is finding his confidence in creating a brand aesthetic. It isn’t about catering to a “girl.” It is about a “girl” wanting to be part of his world. There is a difference.

While all three pop-up shops seemed to be very successful, it is hard to tell which one was their preference. It seemed that Heidi and Naomi were on a shopping spree. Based on the click after click, it seemed that everything was selling like hot cakes.

Which two fashion designers made the finale of Making the Cut? Who knows? The episode ended on to be continued.

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