Cruella de Vil, Voldemort and the 25 greatest movie villains of all-time

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movie villains

Emma Stone as Cruella in Disney’s live-action CRUELLA.

Every good movie needs a bad guy. And across the genres, there are some movie villains who stand out from the rest, such as these 25 baddies who may be the greatest of all time.

When watching a movie, the last thing we are really thinking about is appreciating the movie villains. Typically villains are despised characters that we are rooting against, and that makes sense, as they are usually not good people in general. And considering they are also trying to do something that messes with our hero or heroes, the world, or any number of things we care about, we are not usually looking to like a movie bad guy.

However, just because we are not meant to like the villains in a movie, that does not mean they don’t sometimes stand out from the crowd. In fact, in some movies it is all about loving to hate on the bad guy.

With thousands of movies and characters in the world, it can be hard to put together a list of the greatest movie villains of all-time, but guess what? That is exactly what we are doing. We are putting together a list of some of the most influential movie villains to ever grace our screens.

From Voldemort to The Joker, and Cruella de Vil to Darth Vader, these are some of the greatest movie villains we have ever seen on our screens. And whether you love or hate them, these bad guys are more than just out to destroy our heroes, they are here to make a lasting impression on your mind.

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