Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle casts a sinister spell on Universal Orlando

An ominous green has been cast over Universal Orlando. The Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle is here, and Harry Potter fans need to prepare.

Harry Potter fans need make preparations. Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle is taking over the night at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. What is lurking in those dark corners?

When a Harry Potter fan first steps into Hogsmeade, she feels instantly transported to the iconic world. From the scent of Butterbeer to the sounds of Myrtle in the bathroom, the pages of the Harry Potter books truly come alive. Every detail rings true, and those details make it instantly captivating.

Although Hogsmeade tends to have a welcoming feel, there are moments in the Harry Potter series that are scary, dark, and chilling. Without those frightening moments and evil characters, Harry and his fellow brave wizards wouldn’t have endeared themselves to fans. Overcoming that darkness is part of the cherished moments of the Harry Potter series.

Still, some people are drawn to the Dark Arts. Just like the followers of Lord Voldemort, some people see prefer the cloak of darkness and are intrigued by those sinister ways.

Over the years, many Harry Potter fans have asked for the Dark Arts to play a larger role in the Harry Potter experiences. While Borgin and Burkes is filled with dank and dark relics (make sure to see the Vanishing Cabinet), many Harry Potter experiences have a less evil quality.

Death Eater at Hogsmeade

Death Eater at Hogsmeade photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort

The newest nighttime projection show has been unveiled at the Wizarding World of Orlando. After the hugely successful “Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle” and “The Magic of Christmas at Hogwarts Castle” experiences, this newest show takes a significantly darker turn.

The Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle puts Lord Voldemort and his followers on full display. By shining a light on the Dark Arts, this new Harry Potter experience blends a visual element with actual character interaction.

While the state of the projection maps stunning images on Hogwarts Castle, guests feel the lure of evil all round. As the green fog fills the area, everyone seems to know that there is more to come.

Although a Patronus spell can protect everyone from the Dark Arts, that special charm may not dismiss everything that is lurking around Hogsmeade. Different from the previous Hogwarts Castle shows, this Dark Arts presentation brings the interaction off the castle and into the streets.

Death Eaters freely roam throughout Hogsmeade. Under the cast of green lights and hidden by fog, these characters are waiting for guests. Hopefully, everyone has their wands at the ready to combat these terrible foes.

Adding this character element to the Harry Potter experience is extremely smart for Universal. Theme park guests are craving more interactive experiences. People want their favorite story and characters to come to life. A screen isn’t enough. They want to feel as if they are truly part of that Wizarding World.

Given the timing of this new show launch, it is interesting that it coincides with the always popular Halloween Horror Nights event. While this Dark Arts experience is tamer than Halloween Horror Nights, it does seem to fit with the Halloween season. The draw to evil seems higher close to the witching hour.

Although this experience is far from a scare zone, it does offer a scary tone. Those Death Eaters are not your typical friendly wizards. Overall, there is a much different vibe to the Wizarding World during this experience. Maybe this idea is the less scary alternative to Halloween Horror Nights.

Looking at the pictures and hearing people’s experiences, this Dark Arts show has been well received. Like any Harry Potter experience, an immense amount of detail was used to create the show. Fans will not find fault in the storyline.

Plus, Harry Potter fans are always looking for more new experiences. Whether it is the addition of a ride, show, or even a new souvenir, fans will always come back for more.

The Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle will only run through November 15. Based on that statement, maybe this show could return next Halloween season for another run.

Are you prepared to face the Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle? Just be prepared for what might be lurking in the shadows.