Isabel Bedoya is a beauty influencer with a passion for empowerment


There are a lot of influencers who offer insight into everything from fashion to makeup, but Isabel Bedoya is taking her influence and empowering others.

When it comes to social media platforms, we tend to see a lot of influencers sharing posts and making a name for themselves across different industries, including beauty and fashion. But for Isabel Bedoya, being an influencer is about more than just sharing beauty tips with her followers. It is about empowering women to look and feel their best.

As part of her efforts to help empower women, Bedoya hosts the Facebook series Make Me Over Make Me Under. The series works with women to create a new look that is either a makeover or a make-under, just like the name suggests. And according to the beauty influencer, it is not about shaming anyone, but it is instead about giving each woman an alternative look they can create for themselves.

With Make Me Over Make Me Under, it is all about helping women create their very best look, while also making them feel good no matter what. Each woman has a story to tell, and no matter what that story may be, it is important to Bedoya that they be heard. In fact, when asked what her favorite part of the series was, Bedoya said it was learning everyone’s story, no matter what direction the story took.

In speaking to Bedoya, she revealed that beyond her work on the series, her goal is to potentially create her own line of beauty products. While she would love to have her own brand of products, for now it is all about “creating things people enjoy.”

And when talking about working with brands like Benefit Cosmetics, Bedoya shared that it is a lot of fun and everyone is amazing. According to her, “everyone just loves makeup,” and it is a passion that many people share.

In talking about how beauty and fashion empower women, Bedoya truly believes that it is about “making you more of who you already are.” And it is this idea that helped inspire Make Me Over Make Me Under: the concept of empowering women to be themselves, but really being the very best of who they are.

And while she may not be able to talk about her future projects, it is clear that there is definitely more on the horizon from the beauty influencer, which is certainly exciting news for her followers and fans. In fact, she hinted that there is something big on the horizon that they should be looking out for.

While we may have to wait to see what Bedoya has in store for us, at least we have her continued presence on social media to appreciate — and the many amazing looks she continues to create. And considering her platform is just as much about beauty as it is empowering women, we could not resist asking her about who she looked up to growing up, which led to her saying that her grandmother was her inspiration.

As Bedoya explained, her grandmother would get up around five in the morning to start her day and cook food to serve them. She said that, “She did it all and would never complain.” And no matter what kind of day her grandmother had, she was there for her family.

Although many of us follow beauty influencers on social media because of the looks they create and the information they share with us, when it comes to Bedoya, there is a lot more to her than meets the eye (including the fact that she loves to cook and has considered going back to school to become a teacher). From her passion for makeup and beauty to her desire to be more than just a face on social media, it is clear that she is all about empowering not only herself, but others as well.

And considering her Facebook series is all about both makeovers and make unders, Bedoya has no problem taking her passion as far as possible. Hopefully this also means getting more episodes of the show, which truly does feel unique in terms of being about women.

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You can follow Bedoya on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. And her series, Make Me Over Make Me Under, can be found on Facebook as well.