Style Diaries: How to dress like beauty maven Rihanna

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As the founder of Fenty Beauty and a fashion icon in her own right, it makes sense that we would want to dress like Rihanna. If we can do it on a budget, that makes it even better.

When it comes to style icons, we have to admit that Rihanna is definitely in a league of her own. Not only does she have her own beauty brand, but she also has her own line of clothing and lingerie under her Fenty line.

What I love about Rihanna’s style is that whether you snag one of her own pieces (which she has been known to wear) or something that she is rocking for a concert or event, you actually don’t need to bust your budget. You can take inspiration from the singer without needing to worry about breaking the bank, which is always a major plus when it comes to boosting our wardrobes.

The great thing about the singer’s style is that it’s a nice mix of night on the town and Sunday fun day. Of course, there are even some outfits that she wears and designs that are even work appropriate.

While the pieces I found in order to create a closet inspired by Rihanna might not come from the singer’s own collection, that is not to say we don’t recommend checking her stuff out. In fact, I love pointing out an artist’s collection if they have one, such as when Miley Cyrus teamed up with Converse for a limited edition line. So, if you are looking for some amazing lingerie to go with your inspired fashion, check out Savage x Fenty and know that you really are taking direct inspiration from the singer herself.