Beauty YouTube sensation Morgan Hanbery is here to make you laugh and look good (inside and out)


Beauty YouTube star Morgan Hanbery chats with Culturess about self-love, her fans, and why owning one’s imperfections is essential to lifting yourself up.

It’s been three years since we were introduced to the overwhelmingly charming YouTube star Morgan Hanbery, or as her fans know her — Careless Morgan.

In 2016, Hanbery went viral for her Bullsh– Makeup Tutorial (which if you haven’t seen it, where have you been), and has since amassed over one million followers on YouTube and Instagram combined. And it’s easy to see why.

When it comes to beauty tutorials, who hasn’t watched a flawless influencer’s video, sat back with a dirty brush, and felt exasperated that you’d never be able to achieve what you just saw on screen? Hanbery has been a refreshing addition to the beauty scene simply because she’s being herself — and nothing more.

She is real, she is funny, and but of course, she’s incredibly talented — honestly, watching any of Hanbery’s tutorials feels like you’re FaceTiming a girlfriend for some solid makeup tips.

I had the hilarious pleasure of chatting with Morgan about her fans, her success, and what she believes is necessary to feel good, inside and out.

It’s been a few years now since you went viral. How does it feel to have the following you have now?

Morgan Hanbery: The main word that I always use is it’s a blessing. I moved out probably three months after that video went viral — I was on my own a 18. It’s a blessing. I am so thankful. I love having a platform where I can use good energy and positivity.

I am very thankful that I have my platform. I think it’s really important to show self love and self importance. Let’s build each other up and not categorize people. You know, people say “Oh big girls are winning” or “skinny girls are winning.” I want everyone to win! That’s why it’s awesome to have a platform where I can spread that because a lot of other people won’t speak on it.

What many people love about your videos and tutorials is how relatable they are, not intimidating at all. Why do you feel people connect with this versus more traditional beauty tutorials?

MH: I honestly love that people connect with me because I watch other beauty influencers. I definitely keep in touch with my industry. I watch a lot of tutorials and they are way too serious. No one is going to have a perfect brow the first time!

If I messed up a word, I wouldn’t cut it out of my videos. Little stuff like that shows that nobody’s perfect whether you do a tutorial or not. I know I have flaws, I know I’m like a normal human being. I feel you should show other normal human beings that they can be lovely and artsy and do makeup, show them that they can do it – no matter what.

What advice would you give to people who don’t feel confident in how they look/feel each day?

MH: The best advice that I can give is, honestly, it’s not good to put yourself down… but it is also good to face the things that you are flawed with.

For me? I have a gap between my teeth. I know that, I see it every day. I know I am not as skinny as other girls… When you face the things that you know that you aren’t, it makes it possible to have a more positive way at looking at it. It’s owning who you are and accepting the fact that this is who you are. Don’t dwell on what you can’t change.

Just own up to who you are. When you do that and don’t dwell on things that bother yourself, it feels so much better. It’s okay to not be perfect. And once you know that, do things that make you happy. And remember that loving yourself is really, really, really important.

For someone who is very new to beauty, who may be intimidated by walking into a beauty store and seeing a ton of products, what are some basics you think they should have?

MH: So someone who is just starting out, I always say: it’s like a house. You prime it. You always need a base before you put on your makeup look. You could have the best makeup product on hand but if you have a terrible base or no base at all? It is not going to work out at all because you are putting it on your bare skin.

Whatever skin texture you have, not all makeup will pick up on. A lot of people blame the brand, but the issue is they didn’t do their research. I love everyone but come on, you have to do your search. It really depends what you have going on with your skin.

On hand, I have Benefit’s POREfessional Face Primer and for hydrating — I live in Florida, so I need hydration — Too Faced’s Hangover Replenishing Face Primer. It is amazing and I use it all the time — it is so hydrating and it applies my makeup so flawlessly after.

Watch Morgan Hanbery explain why she loves her fans, and what essentials you need for a fresh-faced, summer look.

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