7 beauty brands that will help you fight for reproductive rights


Reproductive rights are being threatened yet again. Check out these beauty brands that can help fund reproductive rights organizations.

As per usual, every vertical is blistering in the hellfire we dub the news cycle.

The US could have instituted tangible country-wide sex education programs that actually work and teach students about the multitudes of contraceptive options (or literally anything beside heteronormative definitions of safer sex). Unfortunately, Alabama and Georgia are apparently complacent in their virtually non-existent sex ed classes, and they have instead used their legislative ammunition to attack peoples’ reproductive rights.

Thanks to some beauty brands who are donating to organizations that are fighting for reproductive rights, we have some suggestions on which brands you should add to your shopping list.

It isn’t surprising that the current political arena is becoming increasingly terrible and state lawmakers are apparently using bills to one-up each other on the terribleness. As if we needed anything else to worry about, the unconstitutional heartbeat bills are featuring an ongoing fight against Roe v. Wade. The fate of our women, trans men, and non-binary peoples’ reproductive rights is becoming an unfortunately evergreen headline.

Whether you’re participating in a protest, you’re donating to help people afflicted by impending abortion bans, or something else, these beauty brands can help fuel your fight.

1. Lipslut

This is a flash sale for an even more pressing issue: reproductive rights. (Hence, the entire purpose of this article, but we’re further emphasizing it because it needs all the emphasis it can get at this point.) Until May 24, Lipslut is donating 100 percent of its purchases to organizations that help support and defend reproductive rights and healthcare.

Given the names of some of the products, such as F*ck Trump and F*ck Kavanaugh, these lipstick monikers should be reason enough to support the brand and the causes they back.

2. Herbivore Botanicals

Now up until June 16, Herbivore will donate $5 for every purchase of Phoenix Facial Oil or Phoenix Facial Oil Set to the ACLU. The offer also extends to the brand’s Mini Facial Oil Trio and Hydrate + Glow sets. Not everyone using a face oil, but the popularity of botanical and other face oils is definitely on the rise.

Given this critical promotion that also aids the ACLU, a face oil set could be your perfect test introduction to the realm of facial oils.

3. Benefit Cosmetics

Okay, you can’t get away with restocking your dwindling supply of They’re Real! Mascara that you’ve been claiming still has some product in it for the last 27 days. Thanks to Benefit’s Bold is Beautiful Project, 100 percent of May’s proceeds from in-store brow waxes will go toward a slew of organizations, including Planned Parenthood. We specify in-store brow waxes because even an innovative beauty company like Benefit hasn’t figured out a way to wax our brows remotely while we binge-watch Netflix on our sofa. (Seriously, Benefit, give us what we really want.)

4. NOTO Botanics

Listen. The current abortion ban discourse is oversaturated with terms that pivot the issues solely toward women’s rights. While abortion bills are an attack on women’s rights, they don’t just impede women’s rights. Reproductive rights impact trans men and women, nonbinary people, and cis women, and we’re glad that Noto recognizes that reproductive rights aren’t just about women’s rights.

Let’s get to how you can cleanse your face and donate to help the ACLU support repro rights. This Sunday, May 26, Noto will donate 100 percent of proceeds to ACLU, which will, in turn, go toward fighting these inhumane abortion bills. This just gives us a new reason to add some classy products to our skincare regime.

5. Sustain Natural

You might know Sustain Natural from your monthly or yearly period purchases (depending on your preferred menstruation method). But, Sustain Natural sells body wash, lube, and even massage oil. Given that we shop for tampons and related monthly necessities just as much as our skincare products, we’re going to include this brand’s tampons, pads, and period underwear in the beauty wheelhouse too.

Regardless, Sustain Natural donates 10 percent of your purchase to Planned Parenthood. You know: The organization that’s constantly fighting for affordable and accessible reproductive rights.

6. Beautiful Rights

There’s a steep commitment to this beauty expense and donation double threat because $18 is a lot to spend on a lipstick. But, as you’ll see, it’s worth it. Beautiful Rights donates 20 percent of your purchase to a variety of women’s rights and reproductive rights organizations. The best part is you can pick which organization your funds go toward.

7. The Lipstick Lobby

Pink might not be everyone’s favorite shade. Considering the philanthropy behind The Lipstick Lobby, we think we can channel our inner Elle Woods. After all, we live strictly be a WWEWD (what would Elle Woods do) policy. While Elle would obviously be using her degree and legal prowess to fight these abortion bans, Elle would also the Kiss My Pink lipstick.

That’s not because it’s in Barbie pink. It’s because all of the proceeds from this lipstick shade go to Planned Parenthood. Did we mention that it’s also curating with Vitamins C and E, it’s vegan, and it’s cruelty-free?

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Even if you don’t necessarily need or want any new beauty products right now, you can double your generosity to not only fuel the fight to protect our reproductive rights by getting one or two of these beauty products for your friend. After all, everyone has a birthday.