20 songs that were inspired by famous people

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Katy Perry – “Swish, Swish”

While Taylor Swift gave us “Bad Blood,” Katy Perry chose to go with “Swish Swish” as her answer to the other singer. Not only has Perry acknowledged that the song is her response to Swift, after appearing on a segment of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, but even her music video is said to be a response to the feud.

There seem to be multiple messages that Perry wants to get across in the song. Not only does she point out that she is a strong female who doesn’t need anyone else, but she also makes herself seem like an underdog who does her best and always tries hard. It may seem like a mixed message, but it seems rather brilliant to me.

Not only does she understand that she is strong and independent, but she also can admit when she is not in a position of power, however she is always willing to do her best. While “Swish Swish” may have been her response to Taylor Swift, it feels like this song was less about the feud and more about how Katy Perry feels about herself, even if she does have a line that says, “funny my name keeps comin’ out your mouth.”

Perry might not have come back with all the heat and fire that Swift seems able to bring when she wants to take a shot, but it is clear that her response to the other singer is less about the feud and more about reminding the world who she is. I admit, I am okay with that because the song is catchy enough to be a part of my playlist still.