20 songs that were inspired by famous people

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Mariah Carey – “Obsessed”

To say that Mariah Carey and Eminem have a feud might be putting things lightly. Eminem has said that the two have dated, Carey denies these claims. Em has talked about the other singer in his music and Carey gave us “Obsessed.”

When we say there is a feud between these two musicians, we really do mean it. For Mariah Carey, her answer to Eminem was to give us a song that clearly represents what she thinks is the rapper’s issue, his obsession with her.

The fact that Carey has no issue letting the world know who this song is about means that when it came time to do a video, there is a moment where we see the singer dressed up as the rapper. It is said there was even tension between Carey’s former husband Nick Cannon and Eminem because of his apparent obsession with her.

Now, whether Eminem is really obsessed with Mariah Carey or not, it is clear that these two have no problem taking inspiration from each other, especially after the rapper released “Bagpipes From Baghdad” in which he called the singer out (not that he has ever had an issue calling people out before).

This is one of those weird feuds we never really thought we were going to see, but we definitely appreciate the music it gave us. It’s nice to know that Carey is willing to take how she feels about someone and make it into a song (even when those feelings aren’t romantic in the slightest).