Tom Holland shares three new Spider-Man: Far From Home posters


Three new posters are out for Spider-Man: Far From Home. They’re giving us a better look at Spidey’s new suit and where he’ll be swinging around with it on.

Between all the buzz for Marvel movies like Captain MarvelAvengers: Endgame and even Dark Phoenix, Sony seems to be clamoring: don’t forget about Spider-Man! To ease Sony’s worries, it’s hard for us here at Culturess to forget about Spider-Man, but we’ll take all that we can get when it comes to new promos for the Web-Slinger’s movie.

This time, Sony released not one but three new posters for Spider-Man: Far From Home. On Instagram, Tom Holland also shared the posters, writing in the caption: “I thought I’d kickstart your week with a little Spidey action. Spider-Man far from home hits theatres July 5th and it’s his craziest ride yet.”

You can see the three posters below, all of which feature Spider-Man in his new suit in three distinct locations that he and his classmates will travel to in Far From Home. 

Photo: Spider-Man: Far From Home One Sheet Key Art: London (Domestic Version) Courtesy Sony Pictures, Marvel. Photo: Spider-Man: Far From Home One Sheet Key Art: Venice (Domestic Version) Courtesy Sony Pictures, Marvel. Photo: Spider-Man: Far From Home One Sheet Key Art: Berlin (Domestic Version) Courtesy Sony Pictures, Marvel.

From the trailer, it’s more than confirmed by now that London, Venice, and Berlin will be three cities that Peter’s class hits up during their European tour. But based on filming rumors from last year, they’re leaving one location out of the promotional material: Prague.

As far as the trailer footage goes compared to set photos, no scenes distinctly scream that they’re in Prague. (For instance, we see landmarks like the London Bridge and the canals of Venice that for sure tell us which cities those scenes take place in. But the location of the hotel and theater, for example, are a bit obscure.) The set photos from the Prague area showed there will be some kind of festival in the town square, and both Zendaya and Tom Holland filmed on location — so we know the scene can’t be left out of the movie completely.

Depending on when the second trailer rolls around, we may see more of this fourth location that the school kids will visit. But the rumor mill as of now predicts that there won’t be a new trailer until after Avengers: Endgame, because there may be spoilers. While we don’t know for sure what those spoilers will be because Endgame isn’t out yet, it does have us highly suspicious that it has something to do with Tony Stark.

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For now, we’ll enjoy the bliss of not knowing all the bad things that may happen in Avengers: Endgame that roll over into Far From Home. As Tom Holland said, these posters are here to brighten the start of our week, and we’ll take that extra boost of positivity.