Tom Holland and Zendaya spotted on set in Prague for Spider-Man: Far From Home


Filming is now underway for Spider-Man: Far From Home in Prague, and Tom Holland and Zendaya have finally been spotted together filming a scene.

As expected, filming is currently underway for Spider-Man: Far From Home in Prague. A few reports came through last week saying the cast was supposedly coming to the Czech Republic to film. And within that same time period, both Tom Holland and Zendaya were seen out and about in Prague separately.

Now, the two have finally been spotted together, and it looks like a lot of action is underway. The photos (seen here on Daily Mail ) show the two together in casual clothes on the streets of Prague at night.

Unlike some of the other set videos and pictures we’ve seen so far, these seem to offer the least bit of information up front about what’s going on — especially since none of the photos show them during filming.

At the same time, it does say a lot that these two get a scene to themselves. Late night walks as a teen always have a certain vibe to them, and it’s possible this might be a scene between Peter and MJ where they air out some conflicts in their lives. We’re hoping it’s not so much a scene meant to establish a romantic link between the two. As we’ve said before, a romantic plotline between Peter and MJ isn’t exactly what this movie needs.

Another photo from the nighttime set shows an explosion along the river with a stunt crew on standby. With no clear actors seen in the picture, it’s hard to tell who or what’s causing this explosion. More than likely, it’s set off by one of the numerous villains supposedly after Spidey. And in our previous speculation, we knew that destruction was sure to follow Spider-Man, even in Prague.

If this incident happens while Peter and MJ are hanging out, this would be a great scene for MJ to spring into action and defend herself. In Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4, Mary Jane was an integral part of the game in helping Spider-Man take down the bad guys.  So if we could get a kick-butt MJ like that in Far From Home, it would really take Zendaya’s character to the next level and show off a side of her we haven’t seen before. (If she can do it in KC Undercover, she can do it in Spider-Man.)

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What do you think is going down in these set photos? Whatever happens, we’re sure Peter and MJ will know how to handle it.