Spider-Man: Far From Home rumors: next stop, Prague?


It looks like Spidey’s adding another stop to his European tour. This time, it looks like the Czech Republic is his next stop.

There are two things that seem to be for certain in Spider-Man: Far From Home: there might be a lot of villains, and Peter Parker’s going to visit a lot of places on his “far from home” trip.

Before, we’ve seen hints that show Parker’s heading to London and Venice, and now it seems like Prague (or another place in the Czech Republic) will be the next stop for the kids at Midtown High.

One of the first people to tip fans off about this was Reddit user serose04, who posted pictures from a town square in Liberec, a town just about 70 miles outside of Prague. The photos showed a statue put up in that town square, but no one was quite sure who the statue was of, or what it was meant to be for.

"They build this statue on the main square of my city (Liberec, Czech Republic; one hour drive from Prague) for the upcoming shooting. Rumor says it’s gonna be new Spider-Man movie. I need some Marvel experts to tell if statue like this was in any Marvel comic. from MarvelStudiosSpoilers"

Then, on Tuesday, serose04 was back with another update. This time, there was a carnival/festival set up in the main square. And along with the statue, you can see a Ferris Wheel and a few vendor booths lining the streets. If you click on the Imgur link below, there’s also a photo of a makeshift sign that directs people to a “basecamp.” (Trouble ahead for the townspeople?)

"Another pictures of Spider-man set"

In addition to the Reddit post, The Prague Reporter dug up some information of their own about Spider-Man filming in the city. According to the Reporter, Tom Holland, the movie’s director and others have already arrived in Prague — with evidence that two fans in Prague have posted a picture with Holland on Instagram Tuesday.

The article also seems to suggest that the movie is looking for several different extras needed to be cast based on the local casting agency Extrafilms. Some of these include cyclists supposedly to play Tour de France bikers, as well as people with disabilities. Each of these listings is on the Extrafilms Facebook page, but don’t specify that they’re for Spider-Man. (Although, this is Marvel. So even if they were, it’d be hard to tell for certain.)

Lastly, the article also seems to confirm the Reddit post, saying that a “major action scene” will be filmed in Liberec. And since it looks like there’s a funfair going on, you know fun things don’t last very long in superhero movies. Chaos and destruction are bound to descend on that fair, with Spidey most likely having to save the day.

From all the rumors and filming leaks so far, it looks like Peter will have to balance having fun while mysteriously making off as Spider-Man whenever destruction hits. What’s unknown just yet is how many villains will be after him (Mysterio? Vulture? Molten Man?) and how the villains will keep up with him as his goes on his European tour.

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At least he’ll have Nick Fury and Maria Hill by his side to keep him safe (maybe even Happy, too). But in the end, it should be no hard task for Spider-Man to put those villains in their place.