Spider-Man: Far From Home rumors suggest yet another villain is on the way


The latest from the Spider-Man rumor mill previews another villain might be part of Spider-Man: Far From Home, making up to 5 rumored villains in total.

Peter Parker is apparently going abroad for his next solo movie, and we assume he just wants to have a good time in places like London and Venice. Except, it seems like there are a lot of villains who’ll be going after his head in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

It’s been rumored yet again that another villain is joining Spidey (or coming to kick his butt) in Far From Home. This rumor comes from Jeremy Conrad of MCUCosmic. According to him, villain Molten Man will be the next one to step up to the plate in the 2019 movie.

Rumors for his appearance apparently sprung up because of a sighting of the character in a new set of toys, although Conrad doesn’t specify if these toys are for Spider-Man: Far From Home or are just a general Spider-Man line of toys. If it were the former, then it could be a sure bet that this villain is appearing in the movie. After all, sets like the ones from Lego tipped everyone off that Thor would be traveling to Nidavellir in Infinity War to find Eitri. So toy sets often carry a bit of credibility to them.

But with no official word or even visual evidence, we can’t say for certain that Molten Man will be making an appearance in the movie. With this added rumor, though, it does seem to suggest that Sony (possibly along with Marvel Studios) is eager to make some variation of a Sinister Six movie.

The most certain of these villains appearing in the movie is Jake Gyllenhaal, who seems to be playing Mysterio. There’s also the possibility that Vulture will return. Then, on the more heavily-rumored side of things, Chameleon and Hydro Man’s name (thanks to this behind-the-scenes clip) have all been thrown into the rumor mill.

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As of now, it’s not clear why all these guys would be after Spider-Man. We know Vulture has a personal vendetta out against Peter Parker, but it seems like Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is still a young spring chicken who hasn’t fought his share of supervillains yet. Sure, Thanos technically counts. But there are so many more out-there villains in the Spider-Man universe that Peter’s yet to face. All we can say is, good luck, Spidey!