Peter Dinklage is still in Avengers: Infinity War, so who could he be?


The Russo Brothers confirmed that Peter Dinklage is still in Avengers: Infinity War, but won’t let us know who. We speculate three characters he might play.

Hey, does anyone still remember that Peter Dinklage was cast to be in Avengers: Infinity War? If you forgot, directors Joe and Anthony Russo confirmed that, yes, he’s still in the movie.

They let us know for sure in an interview with, only briefly confirming we’ll recognize him and nothing more. In line with the Russo’s sworn secrecy over the movie, the two will likely not utter another word about who Peter Dinklage could play.

As much as a Game of Throne-Avengers crossover would be, we’ll lay to rest now all the theories that Tyrion Lannister will be traveling from Westeros to New York or Wakanda to meet the Avengers.

And, Dinklage can’t really reprise the role of scientist Bolivar Trask that he had in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Even though they’re both Marvel movies, Disney and FOX haven’t ironed out all the licensing kinks to hand over the X-Men characters to Marvel Studios.

That means Dinklage will have to be someone not likely associated with the X-Men (and not somebody looking to conquer Westeros), and someone who’s more pivotal to Infinity War‘s plot. Think about it. If they told us who Dinklage was to play, that could possibly give away a huge portion of the plot just because fans could reference comics for more information.

To figure out who he might be, let’s take a look at what Joe Russo had to say in the interview regarding Dinklage. “It may take you a beat or two, but you’ll certainly recognize him,” he said.

Given that, is it possible that Dinklage won’t be human at all? So maybe, in some way, we’ll see a heavily costumed or makeuped Dinklage.

On a Reddit thread, some have speculated that he’ll play Eitri, the King of Dwarves, from Nidavellir. In the comics, his people are allies with the Asgardians, and Eitri is the one who forges Thor’s hammer. (And guess who’s in the market for a new one?)

The Lego set for Infinity War with Thor, Groot and Rocket is literally titled “Thor’s Weapon Quest.” So it’s confirmed that this is part of the storyline one way or another. One Redditor in the thread thinks that the location on the Lego box is Nidavellir, so things are looking kind of official.

Although that theory carries itself pretty well, another one seems plausible too. When Dinklage was seen out in January, he had a salon appointment to get bright-red hair, leading to theories that he might play Pip the troll. In short, Pip is a character who has run-ins with Gamora and Thanos — whom we know are already integral parts of Infinity War.

Pip also runs into Adam Warlock an “artificially created human” who, according to Marvel, gets his powers from the Soul Gem (AKA, the Soul Stone). Adam is set to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. If you recall during the mid-credit scene in Guardians 2, the golden Ayesha looks upon something unknown and goes, “I think I will call him Adam.”

What a connection that would be, especially considering the Soul Stone is the only Infinity Stone in the MCU that we don’t know its whereabouts (and even that’s kept secret, of course). Except, told a fan on Twitter James Gunn recently that their theory that the Soul Stone is with Adam Was 99 percent incorrect. What could that other 1 percent be?

And lastly, According to Reel Rundown, Uatu the Watcher is another character that could fit nicely in the MCU (the Watchers have already appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 during Stan Lee’s cameo). Uatu is assigned to watch over Earth, meaning he could interfere and try to help when Thanos comes to cause destruction.

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The evidence seems to all be there for either character. And there’s still plenty of other theories on who he might be. Who do you think Dinklage is more likely to play?