Spider-Man: Far From Home set video shows Maria Hill and an upset Nick Fury


A set video from Spider-Man: Far From Home shows Maria Hill and Nick Fury in a brief scene in London. But how do these two fit in the movie in the first place?

Like any teen, we’re sure Peter Parker’s going to want some privacy when he goes abroad in Spider-Man: Far From Home. If he goes with his friends or his class, he won’t have Aunt May watching his every move. And Tony Stark won’t… well, actually, we can’t be too sure of what’ll happen to Tony Stark after Avengers 4.

That being said, it looks like Peter will have someone to monitor him (perhaps secretly) while he’s out and about in London, Venice, and perhaps some other places. A few weeks ago, both Samuel L. Jackson and Cobie Smulders were confirmed to be in the Spider-Man sequel, returning as Nick Fury and Agent Maria Hill respectively.

Now, a set video finally shows them in action, supposedly in London. The scene was uploaded to Reddit by user Uhtred101 and is a quick one that lasts under a minute. You can’t hear what the two are saying, but their body language says everything.

Fury and Hill walk outside of a building complex with Hill looking down at a phone (or some device) while Fury talks to her. Hill then slows down and does a “hold on” kind of motion to Fury, as if she just found something of interest. When she tells him what’s going on, Fury seems frustrated or upset. After stopping briefly, they make off again, probably getting ready to take care of whatever situation just went down.

As of now, it’s not clear what Fury or Hill’s involvement in this movie will be — as we mentioned before, SHIELD has been down for a while. So the two must be operating covertly with whatever they’re doing. Although, it might be possible that they are trying to track down some of the many (rumored) villains that are supposedly going to appear in the film. If they’re on a separate mission (unaware that Peter’s abroad), they might just run into Spidey when he tries to take down one of the bad guys.

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Spider-Man’s likely going to need all the help he can get, whether he wants it or not. We know he probably wants to take things easy after fighting Thanos, but it’s never that easy when you’re a superhero.