Spider-Man: Far From Home’s trailer has a concerning lack of Tony Stark


Tony Stark has been by Spider-Man’s side to mentor Peter Parker as a superhero since day one. So why isn’t he in the Far From Home trailer?

It feels like getting the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer is a huge relief, as we finally close the chapter of wanting to see trailers for Marvel’s hottest movies of 2019. Between that, Captain Marvel and Avengers: EndgameFar From Home certainly took the longest to make it to our screens — and we can rightly celebrate that we’ve finally seen the trailer.

Except, that celebration stops in three… two… one. Sorry to rain on everyone’s parade this early, but I have to ask: where’s Tony Stark?

Of course, it’s too early to confirm exactly what’s going on here. But as we’ve all been worrying about Tony so far, it doesn’t look like Far From Home is doing anything to ease our worries anytime soon. Seeing as the movie will take place just after the events of Avengers: Endgame, we have to say outright that the lack of Tony Stark in this trailer is disturbing. Sad, yes, to think that he may die in Endgame. But there are glaring signs everywhere in the trailer that make us suspect the worst for Tony.

Happy Hogan says Peter’s alone

And just what is that supposed to mean, Happy? This is the biggest blow that comes from the Far From Home trailer. Overall, the trailer did an excellent job at showcasing the movie while not touching Endgame with a 10-foot pole. But still, when Happy’s in the jet and tells Peter, “You’re all alone,” it makes us wonder how and why.

Additionally, you have Nick Fury also paying Peter a visit, who tells him he has a job to do and asks him if he’s going to step up. In a way, yes, this could just be both Fury and Happy making sure Peter’s ready for his current adventure, but it also feels as if they are preparing him to be more independent without Tony around. As a mentor, Tony did absolutely everything for Peter. So if Tony were to die in Endgame, it makes sense that Fury and Happy would be helping Peter to get back on his feet.

The gang’s all here, except Tony

Doing a headcount, it looks like pretty much everyone is accounted for in Tony and Peter’s inner circle. Aunt May? Check. Happy? Check. Nick Fury and (what looks like) Maria Hill? Check. Pepper? Well, she may not be in the trailer, but her signature literally appears on the check Happy hands to Peter at the beginning of the trailer. So we’ll give that a check, too.

By the end of this trailer, there’s nothing left but to pull a “Bueller? Bueller?” with Tony Stark, because there’s no sign of him anywhere. In the trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer, we saw plenty of Peter and Tony Stark together. So it’d be an odd oversight for them to just leave him out of this trailer all of the sudden. That’s just making our “suspicious” alarms totally go off.

Peter doesn’t want to bring his suit

Now, there are plenty of reasons Peter may not want to bring his suit with him overseas. One plain and simple explanation: nobody wants to work while they’re on vacation. But at the same time, are you telling me the boy who was so eager to use his Starked-out suit that he had it hacked so he could use all the features would just not want to be Spider-Man all of the sudden? He trailed Tony Stark into space in Infinity War. And he barely wanted to tap out of the fight in Civil War until Tony told him to.

Let’s just say that Peter wanting to put down the suit this early is concerning. If you look at the trailer and see the face that Peter makes when he closes the closet where his suit is hanging, he looks absolutely heartbroken. Even I didn’t look that sad leaving my work bag and laptop behind when I went on my last vacation. Something is eating Peter up inside, and it breaks our hearts to think that Tony’s death could be the reason.

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For now, the signs aren’t looking too great for Tony Stark. We, luckily, did get to see him in the Endgame trailer — but he wasn’t looking too hot in that… so it feels like they are certainly preparing us for the worse.

Still, we’ll try to be optimistic about this and hope that there is a rainbow at the end of Avengers: Endgame so everything can go smoothly for Peter in Far From Home.