10 trendy spring pieces that won’t break the bank

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Image: Zara

Zara – Plaid Midi Skirt

Animal print is not the only print that is back in style, as plaid is also trending again for the spring of 2019. The thing about plaid is that it sometimes feels like it will never go out of style, but in turn the problem is that it does ebb and flow in terms of its popularity. This means that your plaid pieces aren’t always going to be trendy, but this year we are all about rocking the right plaid prints.

When it comes to finding the right plaid print pieces, we turned to a smaller print overall. And it is that smaller print that drew us to the Zara plaid detail midi skirt. Not only would this look good for work, but also for dinner meetings and events where you need business appropriate attire.

While you could always pair your plaid with more plaid, I like going with a solid color instead, which means for this skirt I would personally go with a solid white or black top. In terms of the shoes, I like black or nude heels or flats, depending on the flat. Basically, I think keeping things a bit more toned down is the perfect way to make your plaid print pop without being so overwhelming that it hurts the eyes.

What I like about this skirt is the fact that it works well with different colors (as long as you choose a solid top over another print), and it costs $39.90, which means you can add the perfect piece to spruce up your work wardrobe without breaking the bank. Basically you are staying under budget and giving your work attire a much-needed style boost, while adding a skirt that can also be a statement piece when you want to jazz up a night out.