10 trendy spring pieces that won’t break the bank

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Image: ASOS

ASOS – Relaxed Suit Blazer

Another trend this spring is the oversized blazer. While I am not a fan of slouchy styles that make a person look like they just threw something on without a care, I do love the blazer look. Plus, going with a relaxed suit blazer takes a standard outfit and gives it a pick-me-up.

While stripes can be hit or miss, this ASOS Design relaxed suit blazer in a bold mono stripe looks good with a number of colors and outfit choices. This blazer could be good for work or dressing up a casual look, such as jeans and a solid T-shirt.

The blazer is a great way to make those neutrals that are currently trending pop, thanks to the bold look you get with this stripe. And the fact that this piece is slightly oversized means you can decide how you want to layer underneath the jacket.

Remember that just because we think of blazers as being work wear doesn’t mean that’s all they can be. You can totally dress up a simple pair of jeans with the blazer for a less casual brunch look or maybe for grabbing drinks with friends. Basically, this is one of those truly versatile pieces that will go from season to season, which makes it a perfect addition to the closet.

Just think: you can snag an on trend fashion piece for spring at just $56. Plus, anytime you can stay under $75 for a piece that can go from work to brunch, you are winning at the budget game.