10 trendy spring pieces that won’t break the bank

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Image: H&M

H&M – Animal Print Jersey Turtleneck

This year, animal print is back in fashion in a big way, which means that being trendy is all about giving into those prints that pop. If you combine an animal print piece with neutrals, you get a look that allows the print to shine without being too much.

While you could always pull out an older piece that you still love, there are also some excellent options available now that will have you wanting to bring in that snake print or maybe some leopard. Luckily, we found the perfect piece for layering and dressing up. Thanks to H&M we have an animal print jersey turtleneck that comes in both the snake and leopard prints.

Although turtlenecks are not always on our radar, we think this is actually a must have piece. Not only can you layer this item for a multidimensional look, but if you pair this with neutrals, such as black pants and a cream-colored jacket or even cream pants and a black blazer, you can make a statement without overdoing it.

Maybe you’ll want to wear this in a way to make a pop with your work wear, or you could use this to spice up your weekend brunch wear. And what makes this the perfect addition to your wardrobe (beyond its versatility) is the fact that at just $17.99 each, you won’t even break $40 if you buy them both. Honestly, this just feels like a steal for on-trend fashion. Plus, with this piece being easy to layer, you could even keep this piece around straight into next year.