15 adorable and super famous pets

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Henry Cavill and Kal

If you are a fan of the current Man of Steel, also known as Henry Cavill, than you may already know about his gorgeous dog Kal. Fittingly named after the character that truly showed the world what a star Cavill is, Kal is an American Akita who is known to travel with his famous father.

On the actor’s Instagram account, you can often see amazing posts featuring the pup, who clearly has a big personality. Even Cavill has made that clear in different posts, including one where we got to see a picture of Kal giving his dad a facial expression we think looks a lot like a what now expression.

In the post showing off Kal’s furry expression, Henry Cavill explained that his pup has a lot of different looks, and that “Each one says so much to me. There’s a language that we share, that I’m pretty sure only we can speak.”

We love the relationship that Cavill clearly has with his dog. The fact that he shares that relationship with us is a definite gift. Of course, it also helps that Kal has such a unique and heroic name, as it makes him a famous pup in his own right.

Honestly, we get excited any time we get to see a new post from the actor featuring Kal, and knowing he is (or was) on set with Cavill during filming of The Witcher for Netflix proves that this is one famous dog who gets to travel the world and be a true companion for our reigning Superman.