15 adorable and super famous pets

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Carrie Fisher and Gary

Although Carrie Fisher has been gone for a few years now, that doesn’t mean we aren’t still in love with her dog, Gary. Considering he was her faithful service dog and companion for years, it makes sense that we would want to know what the pup is doing now, even though his mom is no longer with us. In fact, the famous pup has his own Instagram account, where he shares updates on his life and the things he is doing now.

Of course, he continues to share posts that let us all know that he still misses his beloved mother as well. In the last few months, Gary even posted about going into retirement in Florida, which may have come as a bit of a surprise to some. Although his mom may no longer be here, that doesn’t mean Gary is done with being one of our favorite celebrity dogs.

The truth is, we love checking in on the French bulldog and seeing what he is up to now. Seeing his posts honoring Fisher are always sweet and sad in equal measure. Beyond all of that, we also love seeing his new adventures, and seeing the things he gets into now that he is apparently a retired dog. (Although, we have to point out the pup did make it a point in a recent Instagram post to say that “since the press said I retired to Florida, I guess I will continue to do what I do best,” which is sleeping based on the picture.)

Gary is still here reminding us that he is the “dopest dog in the galaxy.” And we completely agree with him, because he really is the coolest pup around, with a life that some dogs (and people) can only dream of.