15 adorable and super famous pets

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Karl Lagerfeld and Choupette

While fans of Karl Lagerfeld may already know all about his love for his cat Choupette, since the designer’s death, the entire world has been shown just how much he loved his cat. In fact, it is because of Lagerfeld’s desire to pamper his feline that Choupette may be the richest animal in the world.

After Lagerfeld’s death, word broke that he had actually named the cat as his heir, making her even more famous than she was before. Considering the lifestyle the cat lives, it is actually not surprising that she is now an heiress, after all the pampered feline has her own on-call vet and two maids there to help pamper and take care of her.

And then there is the fact that she is not only Twitter famous, she is also an Instagram star as well with over 296,000 followers. Whether it is pictures of her by herself or with other people, it is clear that Choupette is a star in her own right. (Considering who her famous father was, it makes absolute sense that this is one pampered cat.)

Beyond Choupette’s social media presence and the way Karl Lagerfeld used to speak of his beloved cat, there is also the fact that she has actually made appearances in photo shoots. While Choupette might be an heiress following her famous father’s passing, the truth is that she has her own money thanks to projects she has been a part of, including her work with a Japanese beauty product from Shu Uemura.

Basically, this is a celebrity cat who is so much more than just the heir to Karl Lagerfeld’s fortune. She is a certified star in her own right, and all it takes is a look at her Instagram to know just how true that is.