15 adorable and super famous pets

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Bobby Flay and Nacho

Bobby Flay might be a fierce celebrity chef with any number of programs on the Food Network, but he is also a cat lover. His cat, Nacho Flay, is not only an Instagram star in his own right, but is even an inspiration for the chef when he is in the kitchen.

During an episode of Beat Bobby Flay, the chef was given a picture of Nacho that he proudly displayed at his cooking station. He even pointed out that he takes a lot of inspiration from his cat. And apparently that inspiration doesn’t stop at the kitchen.

Prior to the Super Bowl, Nacho posted a video with Flay in which the cat was supposed to choose who would win the big game. The chef said this is how he picks who is going to win, although this year it seems that Nacho was simply unable to choose the right team. Either way, it is still adorable to see these two interacting with each other in such a fun and playful way, and it certainly gives us a whole new look at who the chef is.

We love seeing celebrity pets like Nacho, who have their own social media accounts that offer us an insight into the famous person who owns then. His Instagram is definitely another opportunity to learn more about who the celebrity chef is outside of the kitchen, and clearly that is a cat lover.

It is actually a lot of fun following Nacho’s Instagram, and we can’t wait to see what else this dynamic duo has in store for us.