15 adorable and super famous pets

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George H.W. Bush and Sully

When it comes to famous dogs, we have to say that George H.W. Bush’s service dog Sully is definitely at the top of the list (especially after the last few months). Considering he made headlines following the former President’s death after a picture of him next to the casket with caption “mission complete” went viral, it makes sense that a lot of people know who Sully is. While he may not have been with the former president for a long time, it is clear that he still made an impact.

Since the funeral, Sully has remained in the spotlight. From stories being written about what he would do next (he is a service dog after all) to his visits to different talk shows and morning programs, this is one pup who has been very busy over the last few months.

At one point he even got to meet the man he was named after, the heroic Captain Sully Sullenberg who landed a flight on the Hudson river after birds struck and damaged the planes propellers. Now it looks like this service dog is moving on to a new role, this time working as a facility dog with veterans and their families.

As fans of dogs doing good things, we can’t help but follow Sully and his adventures on his Instagram account, which allows us a chance to see the pup in action as he does what he does best: helping people. Knowing that he is going to continue his life of service, this time helping people at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, makes it that much more special as we see the next chapter in Sully’s life unfold.