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Ariana Grande’s dogs and pig

Fans of Ariana Grande already know that the singer has a menagerie of animals, from a number of dogs to a pet pig. She’s a certified animal lover, and some of those pets are perhaps just as famous as their mother.

In September of 2018, J14 did a piece on the singer and her pets, even going into detail about how she ended up with some of them. Up first is Myron, who was Mac Miller’s dog and whom Grande adopted following the rapper’s death. Over the last few months, fans have seen a lot of Myron on the singer’s Instagram account as he has appeared in a number of pictures and videos.

Of course Myron is not the only famous member of Grande’s dog pack, as there is also Toulouse, who made an appearance in the singer’s music video for ‘thank u, next.” Of course, that’s not the only place we can see Toulouse, as the pup has also appeared in different Instagram posts, whether alone or with another pup in the pack.

While the singer has a number of other dogs in her life, these two are definitely the most famous. However we can’t forget to mention her pet pig as well. Piggy Smallz is a tiny pig that she adopted during her relationship with Pete Davidson. At the time, the comedian and actor revealed that one day the singer said she wanted a pig, and the next day there he was.

Honestly, we adore the fact that Grande is as much of an animal lover as she is. It is always fun to see social media posts from her featuring any of her pets, from Toulouse and Myron to Piggy Smallz.